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Knowledge in basic science is an essential of any professional course. Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities is one of the indispensable departments of the Institute which acts as a foundation stone for our future technocrats of all streams of Degree programmes in Engineering & Technology. The department aims to craft analytical and innovative engineers who prove to be authentic pillars of our nation.

Department of Humanities & Science is armed with well qualified teachers. Most of the teachers in the department are PhD, Gate / Net qualified thus demonstrating their academic excellence. They also have published work in reputed national and international journals to their credit, which also has been appreciated by the academic fraternity. The Department has well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and communication skills. The department imparts the quality education through systematic, continuous and synchronized process of teaching & learning followed by regular tutorials and seminars.

The department imparts excellent quality education in the core areas of Applied Sciences (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry) & Humanities i.e., Communication skills to students. Mathematics being the foundation of all engineering is given special attention. Physics plays a vital role, in imparting the incredible aspects of basic foundation principles in Science, for a stronger Engineering edifice ahead. Chemistry exposes our future technocrats to critical issues related to environment, green technology, conducting polymer technology etc thus enhancing their innovative thinking. The humanities section offers core courses in English Language & Professional Communication. Further, keeping in pace with the specific industrial demands it also inculcates Organizational Behaviour concepts in the intellect of students.

Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities is headed by Dr. Poonam C Kumar, a highly qualified & experienced faculty at the level professor.

H.O.D. Desk

Dr. Poonam C. Kumar

Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities
Professor & Head

Welcome to the Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities which is imparting knowledge through teaching and creating implementation of practical aspects to build a solid foundation as part of the Engineering Education. Department of Applied Science & Humanities is one of the indispensable departments of RKGIT and plays a vital role in teaching basic sciences courses as prescribed by the curriculum of the university in the I year & II year of Engineering programme.

This Department consists of subjects like Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry, Environment & Ecology, Bio-Science and Professional Communication. Our department is backed by well educated, talented & dedicated faculty members to fulfill their task. In addition to the primary teaching duties discharged by them; many of them have their publications in National as well as International Journals of repute for attaining perfection in their profession.

The teaching module comprises of lectures, tutorials and practicals. The methodology adopted in the classroom teaching is based on the application of innovation strategies, comprehensive lectures, regular assignments and counsellor interaction between teachers and students. The purpose of inducing the subjects of Applied Science & Humanities in Engineering study is to lay a well- built foundation of basic concepts for various engineering disciplines. Therefore, the department acts as a fertilizer to develop, the practical approach to explore their hidden talents, personality and communication skills to fulfill the need of budding technocrats. We at department level in particular and institutional level in general at RKGIT, Ghaziabad are moving ahead to provide the best facilities for our budding technocrats.


Chemistry taught to fresher is of an applied nature. The environmental chemistry taught deals with the study of various chemical phenomena taking place in the environment. The object of including environmental chemistry in Engineering. Study related to water chemistry , Corrosion fuel etc forms the good foundation for Mechanical Engg. students Where as organic chemistry & Polymers Chemistry taught forms the basis for Chemical Engg students.


Physics instruction also aims at providing sound knowledge of the basics required for various branches of engg. The application of lasers in communication industry, the military and medicine is taught. The fundamentals of fiber optics is an exciting subject especially for communication engg.


Mathematics is essential for the students of the engg. Keeping in mind the specific areas of engg. where mathematical applications are essential, the 1st year students are taught the principles of engineering mathematics.

Professional Communication

Professional Communication is essential for the students of the engg. It is a course which is very imperative in nuriting the student's personality and communication skills. To further enhance the talent we have a Lab which is fully equipped with Audio and Video devices, electronic equipments and other communication gazets which proves to be quite fruitfull to the students.

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