CCT Team


Enjoyed learning about the new emerging technology. It does not only expand the area of my knowledge but helped me in getting placements.
I would like to motivate my juniors to become aware and take interest in development of this technology so that they have unique area of knowledge and experience for the development of CCT.

Abhishek Tiwari

(Placed in Impetus and CTS)

It was a good experience with CCT and whole Cloud Team. I learned so many concepts and I thankful Praphull Sir and Manish Sir thar they selected me as a member of CCT.
I would like to work with CCT to give guidance and my experiences to upcoming juniors.

Saurabh Ghosh

(Placed in TCS)

Being a part of CCT team I always feel proud and have learned a lot of things that helped me to get a job in IT giant CTS.
I would like to motivate to motivate my upcoming junior students to do projects in cloud computing so that quality software engineers evolve from the CCT-RKGIT.

Saurav Dubey

(Placed in CTS)

It was a very nice experience working with the team of CCT.I have learnt a lot during the period of this project.
I would like to help the students in their project if they need any help. I would like to guide them whenever they need it.

Shashank Tandon

(Developer, MetaDesign Solutions)

It was a great experience working with CCT during project development and learning new technologies. I feel enthusiasm to start cloud computing project with my team under the guidance of Praphull Sir and Manish Sir. I am very thankful to Mr. Rajnesh Avtar for his direction, Dr. B. K. Gupta and Dr. Laxman Prasad for their support in project development. I learnt how to work in Research & Development field.
It will be a great pleasure to help my upcoming juniors and to make aware them with new emerging technologies.

Vishal Gupta

(Blogger, vCloud and Virtualization )

The experience was full of experimentation and new learning.
Learned how to complete the work on time.
I would make sure to help and guide my juniors in Cloud Technology Development

Monika Sahai

(Placed in CTS, IBM)

It was a wonderful experience to start something new in college on our own under the guidance of Praphull Sir and Manish Sir
I would definitely want to continue with the project and make my contribution whenever required.

Pooja Sinha

(Placed in HCL, Fieserv, R System)

It was a great experience and in many ways a memorable one to be working on such an exciting new technology, right from the scratch under the able guidance of Praphull Sir and Manish Sir.
The least I can do is provide services, inside- out, anytime as required of me.

Rajeev Kumar

(Placed in HCL)

It was a nice Expirience working with CCT. Learned a lot working with CCT and got placed in good MNC.

Naman Jain

(Team member, CCT)

It was a once in life-time one and I consider myself truly privileged to have been a part of this wonderful team.
I'd motivate my juniors to take up new technologies and have some new experiences.

Harsh Vijay Singh

(Team member, CCT)