Design And Costing Of Electrical Control Panels

(Industrial Ownership Project under SYNERGY ELECTRICALS PVT. LTD. GURGAON )

      "Design and costing of electrical control panels" is entirely a complete software solution that deals with the estimation of overall cost of electrical panels.The three    phases of software are as follows:-

   1.Calculation of weight of panel box
   2.Preparation of BOM (Bill of Material )
   3.Integration of AUTOCAD

   The first two phases of the software have already been completed.The software is developed using MICROSOFT .NET FRAMEWORK (4.5) .The software is under    testing.The last module is in development phase.
   The members of development team are :-

   1.Mohit Dayal Gupta ( B.Tech CSE 4th Year)
   2.Prateek Gupta ( B.Tech CSE 4th Year)
   3.Rahul Shivhare ( B.Tech CSE 4th Year)
   4.Tarun Saxena ( B.Tech CSE 4th Year)




     The students of B.Tech (4th year CSE ) are developing an android app for the college ERP which enables to have full accessibility of college ERP website.
   In addition ,the app will also be having the feature of attendance alerts.
   The team developing the android app is :-
   1. Akshay Kumar Gupta     B.Tech (4th year CSE )
   2. Raj Kunwar Singh           B.Tech (4th year CSE )







     This project is aimed at developing an online leave management system that is of importance to either an organization or a college. The first module of LMS    completed and is under testing . The second module is under development.
   It provise a common Interface for applying and granting leaves of employees.
   The software is being developed using PHP. 
   The team consists of 3 members.

   1. Aanchal Kapoor    B.Tech (4th year CSE ) 
   2. Lipika Mukherjee  B.Tech (4th year CSE )
   3. Vaibhav Mishra     B.Tech (4th year CSE )