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The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at RKGIT, Ghaziabad is renowned for imparting state of the art undergraduate education and preparing its students for real world challenges. The undergraduate curriculum provides a strong foundation in all areas of Computer Science and Engineering. The mission of the Department is to impart high quality technical education and carry out leading-edge professional in the discipline of Computer Science and Engineering. The Department provides state of the art computing facilities to the students. It also promotes active industry-institute collaboration by identifying areas of interest.

H.O.D. Desk

Dr. Sachi Gupta

B.Tech., M. Tech.(Gold Medalist), Ph.D. ,

Dr. Sachi Gupta has joined Raj Kumar Goel Institute of Technology on February 2, 2015 in the department of Computer Science & Engineering as an Associate Professor and HOD.

Before joining this institution, she worked as an Associate Professor and HOD CS & IT department at Krishna Institute of Management and Technology, Moradabad. From August 2004-2009, she was associated with Moradabad Institute of Technology, Moradabad.

She received her Ph.D. in Computer Science from Banasthali Vidyapith, Rajasthan in year 2014. She is a Gold Medalist in M.Tech Computer Science from Banasthali Vidyapith, Rajasthan. She earned her B. Tech. degree in Computer Science and Information Technology from Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow. Her research area of interest includes Genetic Algorithms, Web Search Engines and Fuzzy logic. She has published & presented many research papers in various national & international conferences and Journals.


Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in RAJ KUMAR GOEL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering directs at bringing out the technical and inherent abilities of the young and future Engineers.

The aim of the Department is to motivate young professionals in building cognitive characteristics and improve the rising engineers with latest trends in technology. The programme is designed to provide students both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of latest technology. This curriculum is good enough for employment in academia, government, research, industry, engineering and management positions. The department is committed to continuously improve the quality of education by enhancing the knowledge of students and staff members. The department of Computer Science & Engineering is well equipped with centralized laboratories having the latest configurations and software tools.

I am confident that our staff members and students would satisfy the responsibility and credibility of the department by showing a high level of professional competence in their respective domains.

Vision and Mission



Computer Progm. Lab RCS151
Computer Progm. Lab RCS251


Digital Logic Design Lab REC351
Discrete Structure & Logic Lab RCS351
Computer Organization Lab RCS352
Data Structures Using C/ Java Lab RCS355
Operating Systems Lab RCS451
Software Engineering Lab RCS452
Python Language Programming Lab RCS454


Design & Analysis of Algorithm Lab NCS551
Principles of Programming Lab NCS553
Web Technology Lab NCS554
Computer Networks Lab NCS651
Software Engineering Lab NCS651
Compiler Design Lab NCS652
Seminar NCS653


Distributed Systems Lab NCS751
Project NCS752
Industrial Training NCS753
Project NCS852
Seminar NCS851

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) of Computer Science & Engineering Department

Programme Outcomes (PO) of Computer Science & Engineering Department


Workshops/Seminars/Guest Lectures

SESSION 2015-16:

  1. Workshop on Big data on 5th-7th march 2016
  2. Guest lecture on Oracle workforce development program on 8th august 2015
  3. Guest lecture on Hadoop-Big Data on 16th july2015
  4. Guest lecture on Introduction to cloud computing on 12th sept 2015
  5. Workshop on cloud computing on 6th-20th july 2015
  6. Aptitude Test for CAT aspirants was held on 21 Sep, 2015.
  7. CSSS Organized a student paper contest on 12 August, 2015.
  8. A technical quiz competition on C programming “CODESPRINT-15” held on 9 Oct, 2015.
  9. Mock Test for GATE aspirants on 30 Oct, 2015.
  10. An Event “Poster Making on Cloud Computing” on 20 Nov, 2015.
  11. A Programming Code competition was held on 16 Sep, 2015.
  12. Departmental Society Organized a Web Design Contest on 17 Oct, 2015.

SESSION 2014-15:

  1. Workshop on Basics of cloud computing on 3rd - 4th april 2015
  2. Webinar on Becoming an Engineer not just an Engineering Graduate on 6th may 2015
  3. Webinar on Virtual Academy : an IOT based collaborator as a research on 7th may 2015
  4. Guest lecture on Evolution of computing applications- The journey from the green terminals to mobile devices on 7th feb 2015
  5. Guest lecture on Embedded systems on 21st February 2015
  6. Workshop on ERP and Business applications on Oracle on 27-28 September 2014
  7. CSI Regional Student Convention 2014 “Digital India: Role of GEN Y” was organized on 14-15 Nov, 2014.
  8. Departmental Society Organized “coding competition” on 21 August, 2014.
  9. A quiz competition on C,C++ and Java held on 28 August, 2014.
  10. A competition on “Graphics Designing” was held on 19 Sep, 2014.
  11. Departmental Society Organized a Mock Test for GATE aspirants on 15 Oct, 2014.
  12. A competition “Poster Making on artificial intelligence” on 24 Jan, 2015.
  13. A Programming Code competition was held on 13 Feb, 2015.
  14. “Web Design Contest” was held on 25 March, 2015.

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