MBA Program

MBA Two Years, Full Time Program

RKG Group of Institution started Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in year 2003. This two year course is approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD, India and affiliated to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow. The major focus of this course is on transforming the students into future managers and updating their knowledge, skill and abilities set. The course provides comprehensive exposure in all aspects of business thereby creating a strong foundation for the development of skills and knowledge leading to professional as well as academic excellence. Dual Specialization Scheme as prescribed by AKTU is followed wherein the students can opt from areas like finance, Marketing Human Resources, International Business and International Technology.

Brief about MBA Programme:

RKGIT management education earned a lot of name and fame and set high standards and became a centre of excellence. It was ranked 5th in UPTU Theory Exam in 2008-09. In a short span several milestone have been crossed in the form of university ranks and world class placements. We strongly believe in the concept of ‘Pariwar’ and work as one family for the all round development of our students.

At RKGIT (MBA Dept.) we have strong and committed band of faculty members who are continuously working for the overall development & growth of students and preparing them for the dynamic corporate world.


    • A strong and clear knowledge base in all relevant areas of management
    • Improved personality and higher confidence level to face corporate challenges
    • Develop precise understanding of corporate culture and problems encountered
    • Take quick and accurate decisions in case of contingency
    • Develop in-depth knowledge of management skills and techniques
    • Ability to think through issues and problems and see different angles involved as well as the integrated picture
    • Create an understanding in relation to ethical and value based living

MBA Library

RKGIT - MBA library is especially designed to match the needs of future managers who strive for academic excellence and to support the objective the library has plethora of books with 1521 titles and 11126 volumes. Apart from text books, the library has rich collection of national and international journals. Library is having more than 50 national and international journals for nurturing the future managers to be corporate ready. The library is automated and uses computerization for circulation of books.

The department maintains exclusive question bank in the library which comprise a collection of university question papers. The library also provides separate computer arrangement in multimedia section through which the further reading of subjective and research related work can be done by the future managers and it also provides freedom to reading from online journals through browsing the web. 

A large number of newspapers both in English and vernacular language are available in library daily for access of future managers through which they can sharpen their knowledge skill set and prepare themselves for the dynamic corporate world. Reading room is created for future managers through which they can choose the book/journal/magazine or newspaper and enhance their employability level. The library also has the facility of reprography.



RKGIT is a name synonymous with value-based education. The RKGIT Institutions aim to inculcate ideals and values that will help students to emerge as better human beings. In keeping with this ideal, RKGIT (MBA Institute) has adopted the following norms that are binding upon all its students.


This Code of Conduct prescribes standards of personal and professional conduct which the Institute expects to be maintained by all students.


The objective of providing the Code of Conduct is to provide a clear set of guidelines on how students are expected to conduct themselves in their day-to-day work and how they are expected to behave towards each other. Adherence to these guidelines will help in providing an open, tolerant and friendly atmosphere that is conducive to learning. It also aims to promote high standards of discipline this code attempts to achieve the following:

Conduct and Relationships

• Treat everyone with dignity, respect privacy and help those in need.
• Respect different cultures and customs.
• Oppose all forms of prejudice and be particularly vigilant against prejudice with respect to gender, age, ethnic, national or social origin, religion or belief, language, disability, political opinion, social or economic condition.
• Be sensitive to the rights of others.
• Avoid injuring others, their property or reputation.
• Avoid using words in oral, written or electronic communication that are unnecessarily aggressive or intimidating.

Professional Practice

• Honor confidentiality.
• Maintain high standards of professional competence.
• Always identify the source of information to avoid claims of plagiarism.
• Familiarize with relevant laws (e.g. health and safety), and Institute policies, procedures and Codes of Practice, and act in accordance with them. CEOs/Corporate Executives, Senior Bureaucrats and other distinguished guests frequently visit the Institute. Students are requested to bear in mind that they are projecting an image of the Institute which has an enviable placement record with some of the best organizations in the country.

The disciplinary code of conduct is mentioned below in various clauses-


1.1 Boys: Trousers and Collared Shirts with Tie, Leather Shoes and Socks.
Girls: Formal Wear: Chudidar, Salwar Kameez, Sari, Trousers and Collared Shirts & Formal FootWear,Blazer in Winter.
1.2 On formal occasion, during special seminar and presentations and other functions, they are expected to wear Business suits, Girls can use saris also.
1.3 The Dress code which may be either formal, semi formal or uniform, the way the student dress should befit the institute that they represent and reflect the stature and the class of Institute. They shall not be permitted to wear revealing clothes.
1.4 Students not adhering to above will not be allowed to attend classes & will forfeit the attendance for the classes missed. For repeated violations after 3 warnings students will be suspended from attending classes for 3 days and the parents will be informed/called.


2.1 Every student must have actually attended minimum 75% of the total number
of lectures conducted in the class by the faculty. The student will not be eligible to appear for the examination if he/she fails to put in the required attendance.
2.2 Students seeking placements should have a minimum of 80% attendance.
2.3 The concession in attendance is meant to take care of medical leave and leave on personal grounds including the demise of immediate family. No attendance will be granted for any illnesses. Students may be granted 15% attendance relaxation on Medical grounds, on production of an appropriate Medical Certificate.
However in extreme cases, the expert doctor opinion and the HOD’s/Director’s discretion will prevail.
Absence from the Guest Lecture
2.4 Attendance for Guest lecture is compulsory. However, the institute will decide the minimum percentage required in order to accommodate for extraordinary situations. Students who do not fulfill the minimum requirement of 90% attendance in guest lectures, will not be eligible for campus placements.


Purpose: RKGIT urges students to understand the spirit of wearing of identity cards and to comply with rule as it is-
i) A symbol of belonging to a premiere institution
ii) A means of identification in the event of accidents, medical and other emergencies.

3.1 After admission and the commencement of the batch each student is issued an identity card by the Administration department.
3.2 The identity card will contain the student’s name, batch details, course details, and expiry date along with a recent passport size photograph duly stamped and signed by the authority.
3.3 Students are required to carry their identity cards at all times. They may be asked to produce the identity card on demand by personnel authorized for purpose of identification.
3.4 In case of loss of the identity card, a duplicate identity card will be issued on a written request subject to the approval of the Principal/ Director and on payment of applicable fee.


4.1 Any changes affecting the students or class schedule will be communicated to the studentsvia the Notice Boards or other modes of communication. It is important that the students keep themselves abreast of any changes of timetable details and other announcements.

Contact Details for MBA Admission

Mobile : +91 8588831328, +91 9582949148, 0120-6517163