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Guidelines For Contributors   

Guidelines For Contributors

The author should follow the following instructions while preparing the manuscript.

  • The paper should be about 8000-10000 words in length. The author(s) should submit the manuscript, typed in two space on A4 size bond paper allowing 1-inch margin on all sides in PC compatible MS-word document format at saaransh@rkgit.edu.in
  • The author should provide confirmation that– The article is the original work of the author(s). It has not been earlier published and has not been sent for publication elsewhere.
  • The paper should begin with an Abstract of not more than 100-150 words, which encapsulate the principle topics covered by the paper. Abstracts should be informative, giving a clear indication of the nature and range of results contained in the paper. Do not include any reference in your abstract.
  • Figures, charts, tables and diagrams– All figures, diagrams, charts and tables should be in last on separate papers and numbered in a single sequence in the order in which they are referred to in the paper. Please mention their number at appropriate places within the text.
  • References must be kept to a bare minimum. The references must be quoted in the text using American Psychological style of referencing. You must make sure that all references which appear in the text are given in full. Where there is more than one reference to the same author for the same year, they should be listed as 2009a, 2009b etc. The references section should be a continuous alphabetical list. Do not divide the list into different sections.


Books: The order of information should be as in the following examle:

Srivastava, V (2011), Marketing Research Theory & Concept, New Delhi, ABP Publication.


Journal papers and book chapters: The order for reference to articles/chapters of books should be as in these examples:

Prakash. J. (ed), Privatization of Public Enterprises in India, Mumbai, Himalya Publishing House, p 212.


  • All manuscripts received for publication in SAARANSH are acknowledged by the Editor. This helps authors know the status of their paper from time to time.
  • The Editors reserve the right to accept or refuse the paper for publication, and they are under no obligation to assign reasons for their decision. Authors will receive a complimentary copy of the journal in which their articles are published.
  • The works published in the journal should not be reproduced or reprinted in any form, without the prior permission from the editor.


Research Paper Selection Process

Authors can send their paper up to October and April for the issue of January and July respectively. When a manuscript is received, the editor first completes a preliminary screening of the manuscript. For the initial review, the editor assigns two reviewers to each manuscript. The editor makes publication decisions about it. However, these decisions are made in conjunction with recommendations given by members of the Editorial Board or other qualified reviewers. All submissions will be blind reviewed.